Put Out More Flags 2019

Last year, in the July edition of our Newsletter (which you can see here: https://www.fbwra.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/2018-July-Newsletter-Ver-2-PDF-1.pdf  )  we lamented that there was no flag of St George  flown on Barnet Council buildings- and that a  reconnaissance to Barnet House, the Council offices in Whetstone, on St George’s day, had disclosed –not a St. George’s Flag proudly flying in the breeze, but a bare flag pole (there are two there, the other was occupied by the British Union Flag).

This year FBWRA contacted the Council  – in fact, we went straight to the top- and asked  John Hooton, the Council’s Chief Executive, what plans there were for flying  St. George’s Flag at  Hendon Town Hall and at Barnet House this April 23rd and, indeed on future St. George’s Days.

With a little nudging (Chief Executives have many demands on their time) the reply came – “Yes we will be flying the St George’s flag on St George’s day.”

“And where?” ,  we asked.

“The flag will be flown at Hendon Town Hall and Barnet House.”


However, there is probably still some way to go before Barnet begins to complete with Nottingham for the exuberance of its St George’s Day celebrations- below is a picture of Nottingham’s Council House:

Picture courtesy of Fast Graphics Ltd, Nottingham.