Proposals by Healey Development Solutions (Barnet House) Limited for the redevelopment of Barnet House , High Road, N20 were  submitted to the Council in early July 2021. The Council did not make a decision on the application within the statutory time limit (two months from submission, unless extended by agreement) and in early February 2022 the applicant lost patience and submitted an appeal on the ground of non- determination. It seems that the Council had intended to make a decision at a meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee on 22 February, and even though the  submission of the appeal meant that a decision of the Committee would not have statutory effect, the Committee duly considered the application at that meeting – and unanimously rejected it.

     Barnet House

Now the decision will be  made by a planning inspector. A public inquiry will be held and the announced date for this to start is 10 May 2022 – although we have been told by a planning consultant that this date is very likely to slip, perhaps by many months.

The appeal relates to an application for ” redevelopment of the site to deliver up to 260 homes and up to 709 sqm GIA of Class E commercial floorspace through the conversion of Barnet House from offices to residential, including extension at roof level, and the front, rear and side elevations alongside the provision of Class E use at ground floor of Barnet House. And the demolition of rear annex and erection of new residential buildings, together with associated public realm, landscaping, access improvements, car and cycle parking”.

Just as FBWRA made representations to the Council in relation to the application, we have now made  representations for the appeal to the Planning Inspector.

Our new representations build on those we made to the Council, but we have gone into greater detail on some points, particularly concerning the issue of parking given the very limited number of on-site parking spaces that are proposed. Parking was an issue for many of the members of the public (including FBWRA members) who made comments to the Council. Of course, we recognise that others may be more concerned about other issues

On this website you can see –

You can see the detail of the planning application proposals for yourself on the Council website – use this link to the section of the website where you can find details of the application –

Click on the link; you then make a “Simple Search”  – towards the bottom of the page insert the application reference   21/3726/FUL  in the box immediately below “Enter a keyword, reference number, postcode or single line of an address.” – and the click on “Search”. Then – you should see the application master page.