2021 AGM

We did not want yet another year to pass without getting the regulatory aspects of running the Association approved by our membership. We therefore  decided to embrace the technology available and use Zoom to hold the AGM.

Some 30 members logged into the meeting on 15 April. The technology worked well. Members were able to vote on all the resolutions which were carried unanimously. The Officers and the Executive Committee were all re-elected.

Unfortunately it was not possible to have a fully interactive meeting. However, we look forward to a time, hopefully not too far into the future, when we can hold a meeting and  properly engage with our Members.

A big vote of thanks to everyone that took part.

You can access the following documents relating to the AGM via the links below-

FBWRA AGM Minutes 15 April 2021  Note- these have been approved by the FBWRA Committee, but remain subject to approval by the members at the next General Meeting.  The updated text of the Association’s Constitution can be viewed here-   Constitution

FBWRA Chairman’s Report for the years 2019 and 2020 FINAL

FBWRA 2019 Accounts (signed)

FBWRA Treasurers report 2019 FINAL

FBWRA 2020 Accounts (signed)

FBWRA Treasurers report 2020 FINAL

FBWRA AGM Minutes 2 May 2019 Note- these were approved at the 2021 AGM.